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From start-up to scale-up and beyond

Insurance helps a fintech meet the demands of regulators, service providers, customers, shareholders, and employees while providing valuable risk guidance, balance sheet resilience and senior management protection.

Fintechinsurance.com is powered by Elmore, a leading fintech insurance intermediary. Explore our products here:


  • PII Insurance for AISPs & PISPs
  • Safeguarding Bond
  • Cash Backed Guarantee
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Custodian Insurance
  • NFT Insurance
  • Mitigation Costs
  • Defence Costs
  • Liability & Damages
  • Regulated Services
  • Technology Service

              . Mitigation Costs

  • D&O Insurance
  • IPO Insurance
  • M&A Insurance   
  • Ransomware & Interruption
  • GDPR Liability & Fines
  • Internal & External Fraud
  • Insurance Policy Review
  • Operational Risk Review
  • M&A Insurance Due Diligence
  • Local Policies 
  • Central Management
  • International Network

Manage Risk


Fintechs face many technology and supplier risks. Networks, systems, data, the cloud, and outsourced services all pose risks that must be carefully managed. 

Fintechs also face increasingly demanding regulations and closer media scrutiny, and they must demonstrate corporate responsability in all their activities. This requires effective operational, financial and technology risk management. 

Supporting you every step of the way

Fintech insurance is a key part of risk management: 
    Risk identification
    Support in mitigating risk
    Arranging risk transfer with fintech Insurance
Claims support and incident response
    Remediation and recovery
 Global insurance

Fintechs can scale very quickly. When their operations expand and they move into new territories, fintechs need an insurance partner who can support their growth and provide business protection.

Whether you need a study to determine the availability of local insurance policies, or you want a compliant multi-location insurance programme with a tax allocation and premium breakdown, we offer a centralised and seamless service, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to meet all your requirements.

Fintechinsurance.com is an international network of brokers and insurers who provide  multinational fintechs with the most suitable placement structures. We coordinate both local and global insurances through one channel, ensuring consistent policy terms, conditions, limits, and policy language.

Partners in success

We work with some of world’s fastest growing and most exciting fintechs. We are delighted to work with the fintech partners opposite, and we look forward to collaborating with other financial innovators and providing fintech insurance that will promote business security and success.

Proud to work with:

Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us.

 Risk and insurance calculator
 As innovators who create new business models and services, fintechs are often unsure if they are suitably insured.

That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary methodology to calculate possible risk scenarios. We can quantify the likely financial impact from a risk materialising and then map the results to available insurance.

keeping your data secure

Cyber security is vital. We are one of the few firms in the insurance industry to certify with Cyber Essentials, which can significantly reduce the risk of unskilled but widespread cyberattacks.

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